1st Cir. Reverses Summary Judgment Hair Drug Testing Case


 Jones et al. v. City of Boston et al.

Under state and federal constitutions and civil rights statutes, ten African-American former police officers challenged a flawed and unreliable hair drug test, administered annually to all sworn personnel.  On September 28, 2012, the U.S. District Court granted summary judgment to the Defendants in all claims.  The First Circuit reversed on May 7, 2014, granting Plaintiffs’ partial motion for summary judgment under Title VII.  The Court (Kayatta, J.) ruled unanimously that the Plaintiffs have established a prima facie case that the hair drug test had a statistically significant adverse impact against African Americans.  The District Court (Woodlock, J.) will be hearing the case on remand.


Read the 1st Circuit decision here:  1st cir. decision