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Do you have a disability or chronic health condition that significantly limits any of your daily activities or the kind or amount of work you can do?

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How many people do you anticipate hiring over the next 3 years?

How did you hear about Lawyers' Committee?

Financial Information

*Please upload a copy of your most recent yearly tax return

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What is your gross annual income?

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Is your business being financed in part or in full by a source other than yourself?

Have you applied for any loans to finance your business?

Do you have any partners in your business?

Do you have other significant financial obligations (such as child care, educational expenses, child support or alimony that would assist us in evaluating your application)?

Legal Business Assistance

What legal services do you think you need?

Has an attorney helped you with your business at any time?

Have you received assistance from an organization on starting your own business(e.g., business plan, marketing, financial management)?

Have you ever applied to the Lawyers' Committee before?

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