Fighting Local Immigration Enforcement in Bristol and Plymouth Counties

This week, the sheriffs of Bristol and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts agreed to enforce federal immigration officials.

In an era of scarce resources, it is fiscally irresponsible to divert local resources and funds to federal immigration enforcement. When state and local police are co-opted into federal immigration enforcement, the public will associate police with immigration. This makes victims and witnesses of crimes reluctant to approach police. Since an erosion of trust in law enforcement is harmful to all residents, including U.S. Citizens, we are calling on Bristol and Plymouth counties to reverse this misguided policy.

This week, the Lawyers’ Committee filed comprehensive requests for public records with Bristol and Plymouth counties to obtain information related to the scope of immigration enforcement and the cost to local taxpayers. The Lawyers’ Committee will continue to closely monitor Bristol and Plymouth counties for compliance with anti-discrimination and civil rights laws.

The requests for public records, featured on Herald News, appear below:

LCCR Public Records Request to Bristol County Sheriff


LCCR Public Records Request to Plymouth County Sheriff-1