civil rights; employment law; unlawful termination; illegal firing; employment discrimination

The Lawyers’ Committee is committed to rooting out discrimination in the workplace.  Discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, and termination unfairly disadvantages minorities.  For the past forty years, we have provided pro bono representation to countless victims of workplace discrimination, primarily in claims against employers for disparate treatment and unfair practice

We challenge all forms of racial, national origin, religious, and sexual discrimination in both public and private workplaces.  Since its inception, the Lawyers Committee had been on the forefront of upholding federal and state fair employment practice statues through litigation as well as advocating for expansion of workplace protections.

Our cases involve numerous claims, including failure to promote, unfair termination, and hostile work environment.   Many of these lawsuits combine at least two forms of discrimination, race and disability or race and gender.  Defendant employers range from huge box stores to small construction companies.  The Lawyers’ Committee handles matters before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as well as in state and federal court.