Racial Violence – Reminiscent of Lynching – in Claremont, NH

​At the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, we are deeply concerned with the incident of racial violence – reminiscent of lynching – that took place in Claremont, New Hampshire, where a biracial eight year-old boy was pushed off a table with a rope around his neck by white teenagers who hurled racial epithets at the child as he was hanging.

We are urging the Claremont Police Department to conduct a robust and transparent public investigation that will hold the responsible racist parties accountable for attacking and injuring a child based on his race. The police should treat this violent incident as a hate crime.

We are also calling on Claremont officials to condemn all forms of identity-based violence, and to proactively work to eradicate reprehensible bigotry from the community.

Our response to racial violence in New Hampshire was featured in the Boston Globe

Racial Violence in Claremont, NH